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10-17-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by SmythesMinions View Post
Brian Fogarty?? He is the English Canadian version of Alexandre Daigle...
Your statement is such a blanketed comment, so is it also fair to say that Van is a goalie graveyard? Also the fanbase in TO has NO bearing on what the team does with/to players, but I'd have thought that you'd know that after all you talk as if you were born, raised and grew up in Toronto.

Who cares about your subjectivity?? We are discussing about a player not the team who drafted him. I've lived out West for 11 years now and TBH my general consensus is; for a bunch of people who claim to be liberal, you sure do impose conservative views. Do you really think that in TO we have the same hate for you that you do for us?? No, generally we don't care/dwell on you guys like you do us. I know, I was born and raised for many decades in TO and it's suburbs and I never heard about this West/East coast hate until I came out here. Seriously.
Hate to say it, it's just really annoying that all the Canadian Media outlets are back east and thus they have an unintentional bias towards the east. That probably has something to do with it.

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