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10-17-2012, 09:35 AM
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Well this story should be entertaining. I am bombing in a 12 team league that I am in with my friends.

Heading into this week I was 0-5. three of those weeks I had lost by under 10 points so my frustration is boiling over at this point lol.

I was losing 78-92 coming into Mondays game. I had Decker left playing and my opposition had no players. Bare with me but I may be a tad off on my pts but you will get the general idea...

Decker catches the ball and is wide could be a 80yrd TD....running running......trips.....FML what the hell is happening!!! ok settle down still a full half to play and he got some decent yardage.

Finally decker gets a short gain and a TD which brings me within 1.8 for the win.......1.8!!!! I got this!!!!!

Drinking my beer watching the game.......Decker receives a nice 20+ yard pass from Manning along the sideline...I start jumping up and down with a few fist pumps and feeling of accomplishment and friend coughs and says ummmm look at the a big yellow box.........FLAG...... and who is it against....Decker.....on the replay it was a bad call..........goes to a punt then another broncos interception for a TD and my night was done.

Totally discribes my season so far........0-6 and still searching for a big W and now four loses under 10pts but this one hit home the hardest lol. So glad I joined two random NFL leagues as well.

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