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Originally Posted by cbjfan View Post

to Fehr and the NHLPA

When both sides stop negotiating in the media is when we can expect an agreement to be close.
As expected.

This line I do not like.

Given the enormous concessions players made in the last round, plus 7 years of record revenue reaching $3.3 billion last season, there is no reason for a reduction in the amount the players receive.
Basically give us 57% or FO. While it's debatable depending on your perspective, revenue increase does not necessarily equate health or profitability. In addition revenue from the CBJ, for example, has not kept pace. Nor will it.

They won't let revenue sharing die. If that is the case, this is going to last a while. I see nothing from this that is encouraging and indicates progress will be made.

While I agree the players made quite a few concessions last go around, a couple of them pretty big. I giggle the salary cap argument. The increase in the cap also increased the floor. It forced teams like the Islanders to spend more. While that doesn't make up for Toronto not being able to spend 100+ million on player salaries, it did limit teams from spending 30 million (which some would be doing).

The reality is without a cap floor the Jackets could be a healthy highly uncompetitive team instead of an unhealthy uncompetitive team. We could be back to *****ing about the owner.

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