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Originally Posted by ChiGuySez View Post
Tillman really that good? I havent really watched the Bears for the past several years but from what I remember of Tillman, and this was his first few years in the league, he was ok but someone who was just able to keep a spot b/c the Bears really had no one else.

IMO, the last real decent corner for the Bears was Leslie Frazier before he blew out his knees on Philadelphias carpet.

Jennings looks good though.
Tillman is SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED from when he first came into the League and from where he was when the team went to the Superbowl. He's always been good at punching the ball out but he used to get burned badly in coverage. If he was assigned to a top WR you knew that guy was going to have a big game. His coverage skills are significantly better to where now you can be confident he can slow down Pro Bowl Receivers. He comes up with lots of key interceptions and is probably the best defensive back in the league in terms of knocking the ball out. If you're playing the Bears you better cover the ball tight because guys like Tillman and Briggs are going to be punching at it.

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