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10-17-2012, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Habstineu View Post
Hey man, I know that they have to be drafted... But here, we are talking about a player development. What is best for him and eventually for the Habs.

Can our point of views be different on that matter ? Am I insulting anybody ? Am I rude ?

Don't answer to me iof you don't want me to reply to you ?
Like i said, if he's working hard with frolunda and receives improved TOI (which is the case now, but might be skewed because of injuries) and has chance of getting top6 minutes with frolunda, a pro club, IMO he should stay for another year. His competition is much higher rated then if he was in an CHL team. Disadvantage of developing in SEL team is lack of actual game time, since it's less games, and he can go back to a reduced role on team easily, since it's pro team that needs to win/produce.
The pro's are that he is getting top quality training (facility, staff, methodology) and learning the defensive side of the game, and most likley developing a "puck possession game", which are 2 elements that are very important in the NHL nowadays, for a forward.
Mingle that with a year or so of AHL, where he will get a chance to play top minutes, and let loose offensively, and play many games, i think his development will be pretty complete. Assuming he will gradually progress and avoid major injuries.
Bottom line is, that, IMO, if he CAN capitalize on the SEL, it will be much more impact full to his development then if he was in the CHL.

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