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10-17-2012, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by WilderPegasus View Post
Not renewing a contract is pretty much the same as firing someone. If you were working for the feds and didn't get your contract extended you'd essentially be fired as well.
Not really comparable at all. To fire someone is to remove them from a long-term job that is held for an undetermined amount of time. Under a standard employment contract, if you are living up to that contract, a person has no reason to believe they will be out of work. Under a term based contract system the employee is well aware that they will need to find work at the end of the current contract's term, and the availability of that work will be based on their performance.

Yes both situations involve someone looking for work and no longer working in the job they had before. The circumstances surrounding how they got to that position is completely different.

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