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10-17-2012, 11:31 AM
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Wow, there's no way a stick should go from 85 to 100 flex with 1". Maybe 3" cut off. Are you sure you didn't get a 100 flex?

I honestly don't think you're going to see much difference between those $50 sticks regardless of flex.

Also, I should be clear, there is no standard definition of flex, so one company's 75 flex could be another company's 100 flex. It changes even within brands among models and price points.

So that 87 flex stick could actually be 110 flex, or it could be 65 flex, you have no idea really until you test the flex in the store or on the ice and have used enough sticks to get a feel for it.

But those $200 sticks tend to be much, much closer to stated flex, with a couple exceptions (Nexus being whippy for one).

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