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10-17-2012, 10:32 AM
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We spent $50,109,904.00 on NHL salaries last season if you don't count any of Sauer's contract. It seems likely at least a portion, if not the whole salary was NOT paid for by insurance, however. Or at least it's not likely it was covered at one hundred percent. So we need to add at least some portion of $01,750,000.00 which would give us a range of...

$50,109,904.00 - $51,859,904.00

Maloney's comments made it seem like he was well under budget at the beginning of the season, but we don't know how close he was at season's end, or whether or not he was actually forced to add Sauer into his player budget. He's also stated that he believes his budget will be increased next season. I assume he likes to keep a decent amount of wiggle room for mid season changes, so maybe we can assume that his pre-season budget is something like 51-52m? I'll play it safe and call it 51.5m, even though I believe it'll be more.

Right now, according to cap-geek, with a roster of...




...we are at $48,053,250.00, which leaves us with $03,446,750.

We can probably afford to add a three or four million dollar player pretty comfortably, but he's likely got to be on an expiring contract.

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