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05-12-2006, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by raketheleaves
Koivu is also one of a kind (and from Finland too, who play a North American style of hockey).
So, you've said there are two current Europeans that are one of a kind (in other words, not 'one of a kind'), and that Finland's essentially playing a North American brand of hockey (read: Europeans playing North American hockey). It seems like you don't fully believe this euro-wimp philosophy you spew!

Originally Posted by raketheleaves
Kovalev pretty much blew that 2004 series against Boston with his crybaby routine in the neutral zone and Souray and Julien both criticized him after the game if you remember. He's immensely talented and has had all of two good seasons and a couple good playoff runs (one under the wing of Messier) his entire career. Not a good example.
Yes, good selective memory. Now try to recall what happened after that game. Did Montreal go on to win or lose the series, and who was Montreal's best player in a tremendous comeback series over a heavily favoured Boston team?

And while you're at it, please tell me: what nationality was Boston's goaltender, and top line? Just out of curiosity. Perhaps they were euro-wimps and would back up your point of euros being chokers. Especially since they were facing a largely European-squad (Montreal).

It'd be nice if you'd quit with this euro-wimp routine since it just detracts from your main point (which is that Lang's not particularly tenacious, which is what Montreal needs, and he'd be a band-aid player).

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