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10-17-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
While I somewhat agree with you, there are many elite offensive players in the NHL that were forced to play two-way hockey and because of it they became better all around players.

It also allows them to play in the league longer once they lose that step and can no longer be elite offensive players, but can be responsible two-way players.
I'm not disagreeing with that at all, but now is not the time. Right now he needs to attract the interest of another NHL club, and he just can't do that by quietly working on his shortcomings in a lesser league. He's got to showcase his elite skills, not ignore them to focus on bringing his substandard skills up to par. I heard a great interview with Stamkos once about his training philosophy -- he said the biggest mistake a lot of prospects make is training hardest to improve their areas of weakness. He, on the other hand, trained hardest to improve his areas of strength, since that is what makes him special. If you're constantly worried about bringing your weaknesses up to average then you'll find your strengths slipping down to average at the same time and whatever you had that made you special in the first place will be gone. Saying Omark should be working at improving his defensive game and PK skills is like saying Shaq should be focused on taking more 3-point shots in games (sorry for the dated analogy, but I haven't watched basketball in over a decade. )

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