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05-12-2006, 07:08 PM
Qui Gon Dave
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Originally Posted by CaptCrunch
And all this time I was thinking that British sarcasmo meters were among the finest in the world?!
We used to make the best, but not any more. Most of our companies are now owned by german companies and they only keep our brands around for tax benefits or something. Rolls Royce still do their fantastic Regal series of Sarcasmo-meters, but the entry level version costs 350,000, most people cant afford one. I think John Cleese has one. And the Queen has one. She loves her, uses it all the time. You can tell because if she pauses for a few seconds before responding to someone speaking to her, shes checking what her Sarcasmo-meter tells her. Then she offers her trademark "We are not ammused" comment. God Bless her

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