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10-17-2012, 11:24 AM
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I've been on the receiving end of these sorts of union negotiation proposals: "well, it's not very good, in fact it's pretty crappy, but do you want to sign it anyway?". Fehr obviously won't put it to them this way - in fact it looks like he will crap all over it. It's a matter of degrees obviously (I don't make a million dollars a year - very far from it), but the players are going to have to decide whether their "principles", outweigh their economic imperatives. As a member of a union I've had to make that decision as well. Some players will say, "I can live with this", some will not be so willing. Put it to a vote and see where the chips fall, is what I say. I doubt the league is willing to negotiate too far off this latest proposal.

The thing that worries me is if Fehr really sees this as a watershed, history making moment. The opportunity to be THE GUY, who forced two leagues into crossroads moments. I wonder what Ted Lindsay thinks...... .

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