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05-12-2006, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by raketheleaves
Russians and Finns are not the same as the other old school Euros. The Russians based their game on Lloyd Percival's philosophy (adapted by Tarasov). The Finns reacted to that in competition with the Russians. I don't know why the Czechs or Swedes didn't. This is common knowledge and you can steer my comments in any direction you want and call me racist (against whom exactly I ask???).
I haven't called you racist, I've called your statements ridiculous. You may equate them to being the same.

First you stated euros were wimps and couldn't cut it, now you're saying Russians and Finns are the exception (when that just leaves Swedes and Czechoslovakians--since you're talking 'old school' euros). And even that's ridiculous, since Forsberg and Lidstrom have been two of the best winners of the NHL of the past decade.

Originally Posted by raketheleaves
I know Gainey has recycle some old school Euros to great effect in the past: notably Zubov in Dallas, and now Kovalev here. If he thinks he can do the same with Lang, for a year (at GREAT expense), fine. I'm a big Gainey fan. I'm just stating my opinion that I am not a Robert Lang fan.
It's not a great expense to have Lang for a year. It'd just be a last resort, IMO. And for one season. An upgraded band-aid like you said. And unlikely to happen, too. But I would be for it because he does use his size down low to generate offense--and Montreal needs that.

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