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10-17-2012, 11:45 AM
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KU how'd your workouts go today?

I did my normal M/W/F routine today... (On Friday's I do everything before breakfast)

Before breakfast:

35 pushups, 60 crunches, 35 inclined pushups (feet on a chair), 70 bicycle crunches, pushups to max (I usually get to around 30), 50 crunches with a 15lb dumbbell on my chest, 20 dumbbell (15lbs) bench presses (on the floor, but I try not to let my elbows hit the floor), 30 elbow to knee crunches.

[that sounds like a lot more than it is I feel like]

Then before lunch:

4 sets of 20 dumbbell curls (15lbs) with 35 seconds between sets.
3 sets 25 calf-raises with 15lbs dumbbells with 35 seconds between sets.

Then I up the weight and do

1 set of 30 calf raises (25lbs dumbbells in each hand) wait 35 seconds, 1 set of 40.
1 set of 15 dumbbell curls (25lbs) wait 35 seconds, 1 set to max.

I think it reads like a harder day than it is (or maybe I'm flattering myself? ) Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough because I'm not seeing the results I want yet and I've been doing this for quite some time now. I've finally broken the 140lbs barrier (I'm about 5'10" for reference) as I've been trying to eat more. I guess I need to just up my protein, maybe invest in shakes or bars at some point.

Any tips?

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