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10-17-2012, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by nabob View Post
Looks like the PA is playing major hardball. Bye bye season. If the PA continues to sit around and give nothing, I hope the owners tell them to pound sand.
During this ordeal I have been somewhat on the players side, even if they are acting spoiled. I thought that the NHL's first offer was god awful and that they really didn't need to lock the players out a few months after screaming to anyone that would listen about how much revenue they made last year.

But after reading Fehr's letter to the players I am starting to just hate them all. The owners are greedy *******s eager to play with fan emotion to squeeze blood from a stone. And the players are still stuck in a "well we lost last time, why should we lose again?" mentality that doesn't take into account the struggles of some of the lower revenue teams or how well they have done since "losing" the last negotiation.

It seems like the Luntz propaganda is working a bit. But it isn't making the NHL look good. Just slightly less ****** than the PA. If they can't make something based on this offer work for both sides then to hell with them all.

My plan is still to not buy tickets for 2 games for each Oiler game missed. So if they miss 20 games, I will wait until the 41st time I feel like paying the astronomical prices we do. Since I usually go to 6-7 games a year, that would be around 6-7 seasons before the NHL sees my money again. And if they lose the full season, well, my math puts that at around 27 years. That would be a good chunk of the rest of my life. And no merchandise bought until I start going to games again.

So if both these groups want to keep playing chicken and alienating the fans that actually pay the bills, good on them. I hope they all go bankrupt.

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