Thread: Rosters and Ratings: NHL 13 player growth
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10-17-2012, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Nordic View Post
So....if the ratings reflect the performance during the last season, I could put a young 75-prospect on the top-line with two superstars, have him get 80 easy points and raise his rating 10 steps during the off season?

And another question. If an average player ends up very high in the scoring race, let's say top-5; wouldn't his value double or even triple?

A totally other question. Is it possible to find a real gem in the later rounds, like round 4-7? To me it seems they're all crap?
1) No, not necessarily. Generally, it will backfire if you put a player in over his head. I try never to play my prospects more than 1, maybe 2, lines ahead of where the game says they should play (ie: "3rd liner scorer" no higher than the 2nd line, "depth forward" no higher than 3rd). Conversely, if you play prospects below where the game indicates their skill level is, they'll usually regress.

2) It doesn't seem to work that way. Trade value seems like it's based entirely off a combination of: overall, salary, and potential. Actual production doesn't seem to factor in much, if at all.

3) Yeah, pretty much everyone after the 3rd round is awful. The highest potential I've found in the 4th round is 3.5 yellow stars, and that was only once. Every other pick 4th-7th has been 2-2.5 stars.

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