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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Given how pathetically boring the rest of the NHL was getting, I found myself able to watch only a few teams and not be wanting to do something else. So the rest of the league means little to me. The NHL locked out simply means the Hawks are locked out, to me.

So I'd rather not have them be assuredly worse by giving up, say, Keith or Hossa, thereby guaranteeing they will not compete for a Cup anytime soon.

We all have different opinions. You are the only one labeling others as "simply wrong" and trying to pretend you're taking a high road ("health of the league") when in reality you're not-so-subtly attacking those of us who put the Blackhawks first, league second... not such a high road after all.
Sorry I love the game of hockey more than my favorite hockey team. I probably still would've watched 100+ games this year even if the NHL season was cancelled. If you can't watch more than a handful of teams around the league I think that says a lot about you as a fan.

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