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10-17-2012, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by OilDrop37 View Post
Everything Fehr says makes me want to kick a puppy. He can twist anything to make it sound like the "poor" players are getting screwed.

There's a quote on Tsn with Fehr asking "what do the owners offer?" about a JOB?
Originally Posted by Toydarian View Post
"not quite as Draconian" F off Fehr!
My exact reactions.

How is it that Fehr, and the NHLPA don't seem to realize they are locked out indefinitely. Without jobs. By a league that set precedent for this as little as 7yrs ago with the same people in charge.

The NHLPA talking points are about maintaining revenue share status quo. Which given the circumstance is a deluded expectation. i.e., clearly you're not getting that much, its why there is a lockout.

My own take is I'm surprised the NHL has moved this quickly to try to get a deal done. I think this one might be a slight error. Its quite obvious the NHL chose the first numbers they did so that a middle point in negotiation would arrive at 50-50. They've quickly gone there and are now offering what they wanted as a settling price. But now to get a deal done it seems likely they'll end up giving up more. Or alternately bidding a longterm **** off.

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