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10-17-2012, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
I have been dissapointed with Sutter thus far too, and I was someone who always viewed him as a 3rd rounder with a name that pushed him to 2nd.
BUT, that being said, even if he was a complete bust, it is impossible for him to continue at this poor of a level AND for it to be the "true him".

Also, the reason why +/- is a terrible stat is because it doesn't rely on you alone. For example, Stuart single handedly caused Buff's - +/- with only 10% of Buff's pairing ice time, also Buff would have been + and Jones/Flood would have been negative if Pav was a statistical shot blocking robot that always allowed the same % of shots into the net.
Duly noted about Sutter's stat line inevitably has to pick up. I hope it's in time to help secure the Blades home-ice advantage. The East division is not exactly a powerhouse this year (possible exception the surprising PA Raiders) and that is against whom most of the Blades games have been so far but here's hoping.

Your point on +/- is appreciated. I appreciate the example, too. Interesting to see how that influences it. You sure seem to like crunching numbers, I hope you're making a killing off of derivatives in the financial market.

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