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Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
This is the argument I don't get from the peoples side who are with the players. Revenue means **** all if the bottom line is 5%. Some teams bottom line is a lot worse than that.

The players whined earlier about how they want to find a deal that doesn't make the richer teams richer and to actually help the poorer teams so they proposed salary trading in trades. The league looked at that and added it to their new proposal while also including that the top 10 teams in revenues contribute 50% of the pot.

Really all I'm getting at is that revenue and profit and two totally different things and I don't think some people are making the differentiation I think they are just seeing large revenue numbers.
I get that revenue and profit are different. But when revenue almost doubles over a 7 year span, how could the profits drop given that the players chunk was a fixed %? What other secret expenses snuck up on the owners to negate all that revenue gain? Is all the profit going to a couple of teams while everyone else struggles? If so then revenue sharing is a better solution than clawing back money from the players from agreements the teams made.

Revenues grew from around 1.8B to 3.3B over the last CBA. So the revenue split started at 1.026B for the players and 0.774B for the owners. Last season it was, 1.881B for the players and 1.419B for the owners. So if the owners take has nearly double over the CBA, how are they now crying poor? Were they losing money hand over fist at the start and just a little bit now? Have other expenses skyrocketed in some way that is the players fault?

If they really are losing money as bad as they say, they could prove it by opening up their books. And that option never seems to be on the table. Also, if revenue is as meaningless as you suggest, why does the NHL crow about those numbers every summer?

All that being said, as the rest of my post stated, **** both these groups if they can't get this deal to work.

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