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Originally Posted by tappy View Post
Da-yum, Saved, you're like the top 10 hunter in the world for challenge modes. I think we may have a hard time catching up
It isn't about catching up, it's about the fun, and the challenge modes were some of the funnest times I've had in this game in well.. forever. Seriously. I have never had as much fun doing anything in this game (and that includes pre-nerf raiding) than challenge modes. If anyone wants to do them/try them, I'm more than game

There was this bug that allowed people to use any item level of gear they wanted in challenge modes so the leaderboards are quite a mess right now, but prior to that bug, I had the #1 ranking, but one or two of my gold challenge mode times were kind of slow comparatively, so I was expecting to get bumped down a few rankings at some point. I haven't done a single challenge mode since I did Gold Stormstout Brewery (which, in my opinion, was the hardest to get gold on.)

Some were very skill dependant and if you had the skill in the group, as well as good strategy, gold wasn't too bad. Shado-pan Monastery was pretty rough for most people but my group only spent a few hours doing it.

Scarlet Monastery, well, I hate admitting this but we spent over 20 hours to get our strategy for gold. It had a very nice mix of difficult trash packs, lots of mobs required to be killed, as well as a fairly tight time.

I can see why it will be extremely rare for people to get golds, but silver isn't too bad and a group of average/above average players should be able to get the mount (which isn't account wide, and very rare).

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