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10-17-2012, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post

This is a very, very reasonable offer. The players will likely want more revenue sharing built in (from what I can tell, the 7% reduction in player HRR share is essentially accounting for what the NHL is calling revenue sharing in this proposal), and they'll probably look to get that five yr. max contract length increased to seven (maybe settle on six, but potentially willing to give on ELC to take on max length). Everything looks totally reasonable.

I mean, if the HRR language remains the same, than it's legitimately 50/50 and the details do NOT appear AT ALL devilish. Plus, they get paid to player hockey in the NHL this season.

NHL PR stunt or not, the NHLPA would be stupid not to accept something similar to this deal before the NHL's deadline. Wiggle a bit, and make minor tweaks, but if they don't basically accept this offer, they have only themselves to blame for how badly they are going to get boned both in terms of future compensation and in public image.

I honestly believe that if the players don't work something out based on this latest NHL offer in the next couple of weeks to get started in November, that it will be the best offer they ever receive. If this new CBA gets sorted out in December or next summer, the NHLPA will be getting a much worse deal.
I don't see Fehr accepting "reasonable", mark my words, he's going to make this as nasty of a fight as possible.

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