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10-17-2012, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by boileroo View Post
It's stupid stuff like this that is making this league way less fun than it could be. NYC_RANGERS_94, why bother man? I've said it like 50 times before now, if you want toy play the computer then just play an offline gm mode game! What's the point playing an online mode with other people when you just ignore their attempts to plays the games?!
I'm pretty sure he's playing eashl Isee his name a decent amount..just my 2 cents..Iwanted to be in the league but had 2 back out cause of my commitments to eashl n vghl just too much time to add another 1. But Istill follow u guys alil cause it sounds like a lot of fun. What happened to floridas gm? I thought u had a replacement when we talked ogre awile back? I'm really sorry if Imessed it up 4 u guys ilast time Ichecked someone else was penciled in.

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