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05-12-2006, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Astaroth
I don't know man, there aren't that many soccer games at home during a season and with decent marketing, it should be a sure hit. I would think there are enough ethic minorities in TO just by themselves to fill up the games. The thing is the team has to be competent or else they might just drop off the map. You gotta build a solid base. The impact in MTL area perfect example, the caliber of play is decent but more importantly we're always contenders.
For real...look at the Rock...they average over 15,000 a game or close to it...and it's lacrosse for freak's sake...I know lacrosse is our national sport...I like lacrosse too but it sure isn't mainstream and for Toronto to have a successful franchise that gets a lot of support is good.

I agree though that Toronto is a Leafs town first and foremost...the key is going to be putting a decent product on the field and sustaining the growth of the team through the first few years of sucking...only MLSE could pull it off I think...they're the only visible company that can absorb the losses year after year until the support comes around...I bet Mats Sundin or Chris Bosh (on his next contract) will make more than the entire Toronto FC roster per year...that ain't much cost to MLSE overall.

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