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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
If you want to call it poor choice of numbers be my guest, I just had his stat panel sorted by points by season, and when you eliminate 95-98, (94 should count as well) the 70-85 range (70-87, I should have said) is the one he falls into most often. It's an easy argument to make that Francis' point totals are Jagr-driven for four years, so I'm a little guilty of mailing that one in.

Gilmour's best 6 percentage scores, helped by no one, total 530 under my system. Francis' best 6 are 549, and that includes 103 for 1996, 96 for 1998, 91 for 1997 and 84 for 1995. Sans Jagr, what would his best six look like? My guess is about 510, and I say that fully realizing that those 4 seasons were still legitimate opportunities to post seasons in his "best 6" even without Jagr.

Francis' remarkable longevity should be noted, but it's not really until you're looking at 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th best seasons that he starts to distance himself from Gilmour (78, 76, 74, 70 to 71, 70, 63, 58) and by then it's too late.
Using adjusted points from Hockey-Reference, Francis played 3 seasons longer than Gilmour, take away Francis' 3 best seasons (317 points) and Francis would still beat Gilmour by 73 career adjusted points. Take away Francis' 4th best (94), and Gilmour's worst (33) and Francis is still ahead by 12 points.

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