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Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
VS#2 method, no outliers removed. Ron Francis VS#2 Doug Gilmour VS#4 (should more than make up for any Pittsburgh distortion) best to worst


Big advantage to Gilmour of 2 spots difference in the VS used, and he only manages to take the top 5 spots, some by very narrow margins, before Francis starts blowing him away. Francis' worst score of his career is better than 3 of Gilmour's.

Not just longevity, but consistency, and not just good seasons, but very good seasons.

Francis averaged 1.15 PPG over almost 10 seasons in Hartford while Gilmour averaged 1.21 PPG in the 9 seasons he put up more than a PPG. Francis only had 3 seasons under the 0.73 PPG Gilmour averaged over his other 11 seasons.
This gives Gilmour an advantage he doesn’t need, and doesn’t address the most important thing – that Francis clearly and obviously scored a lot more points than he otherwise would have, by having a significantly better player for a linemate in his four best seasons.

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