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10-17-2012, 02:56 PM
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If the last CBA didn't work and 80% of the terms were the owners' ideas / in favor of the owners, then isn't that just another form of mismanagement? Any way you cut it the players gave up a lot last time and there are record revenues now yet we still have problems? Sorry but the owners should eat their own dog food this time.

At some point the owners should pay for their own mistakes (some of whom gamed the system right up to the deadline after crying foul -- the ones in trouble pretty much dig themselves into a hole). The players are the more valued commodity here. There are other places for them to go an make millions and potentially other owners to start something new with the good players. But the NHL has no prayer of replacing the players.

If they put an AHL quality product out there / tried that, it would be the end of the NHL. I sure as hell wouldn't watch / wouldn't pay for a collection of rookies + AHL type players. Life's too short. I'm either watching the very best the game has to offer or I'm not watching. That said hopefully the players take LeBrun's advice and use this proposal as the framework for a counter-offer instead of making another new proposal like they did the last time (which was almost as bad as the owners' first proposal).

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