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10-17-2012, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by source View Post
(a) SEL-2 is a pretty crap league, rather than;

(b) Wikstrand has improved substantially since June

Anyway I'm not surprised people are essentially concluding (b).
Well this is logically sound if:

(a) You think development camp is a highly reliable setting to determine how good a prospect is.

Anyway, I'm surprised you're suggesting that. I think you might be suffering from the same bias those that think the WJC is the be-all-end-all just because it's the only time most fans get to see certain players.

I tend to trust the collective of Swedish posters we have here. When they are skeptical, they often turn out to have had reason to be (Rundblad comes to mind, no I haven't called him a bust). When they are decidedly enamored with a player (OEL, Landeskog come to mind) they often come out right.

So far the good words on Wikstrand are universal amongst Swedish fans it seems. He's considered the #1 Dman on an SEL2 team which is more than management could have been asking for.

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