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10-17-2012, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by source View Post
I guess that's what counts.

I just think Wikstrand is being overhyped. He wasn't particularly noticeable at the rookie camp, so the conclusion should be:

(a) SEL-2 is a pretty crap league, rather than;

(b) Wikstrand has improved substantially since June

Anyway I'm not surprised people are essentially concluding (b).
I don't think that's correct at all. All we, fans living outside of Sweden with little access to SEL-2 games, can judge a player on is opinion of authority and statistical analysis. Right now, Wikstrand is receiving great praise from several users who watch Mora games. There was a claim that he was without a doubt the best defenseman on the team at this time, too. We can take that how we wish as we don't know how well people judge player talent or potential. However, we then look to the score sheet to see if there's a correlation. He's putting up big points. I don't think it's hard to say that he's doing very, very well right now.

To state that the SEL-2 is "crap" is dumb. It's not elite talent level by any means but I hardly think we should claim that there's no way Wikstrand's actually any good because he's playing in a junior league WHILE HE HIMSELF IS A JUNIOR.

People aren't penciling this guy into the NHL line-up in the next few seasons, but people are excited to hear great things about a 7th round pick that could, potentially, be a steal.

But it's funny that you're using the "he didn't impress me at rookie camp" argument. I'll take how he performs on the ice, in game, over how he looks in comparison to top prospects with, at times, several years of development ahead of him in his first training camp. It certainly feels like you're trying to discredit Wikstrand's play right now for the sake of discrediting his play.

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