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10-17-2012, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Tintin's Ghost View Post
Yuen is underrated, looking forward to seeing him play tonight.

I'm not sure how you can say Sutter is performing at even a mediocre level. I know its only 11 games in but he is trending for a full season of play with a stat line of 6g- 6a- 12pts and -48 and 180 PIMS. I think most Jets fans, including myself, were expecting more from him and deservedly so. He was drafted in the top 40 and that increases expectations.

The emphasis on +/- may be too weighted. Your point that it is less relevant for a prospect is well taken. I assume it's because prospects are playing on teams where 90% aren't going to the NHL and there is the subsequent drop-off in skill level. However, Sutter projects to be a shutdown center and is tied for team worst -8 (with captain Brendan Walker). He is averaging almost one full goal against more than goals for when he is one the ice this year. To me, that is the antithesis of a shutdown center. And this is on a team that, while not "stacked", is hosting the Mem Cup and is built to go far in the WHL playoffs. With Siemens, Thrower and Dietz on the blue-line, the defensive support is certainly there for Sutter. Yet almost every single game so far his line yields more goals than they score. The fact that Sutter won't be a prolific scorer suggest to me that his bigger strength is defense but haven't seen that yet. this season.

I know you work with/for the Blades organization and are privy to a lot more knowledge than the average HF poster. So maybe I'm missing some subtleties and nuances to his game. If so, I hope to observe those tonight so I can obtain a more accurate picture of Sutter and his play.
Where exactly did I say that? I didn't. I was merely making a point about judging a player off of his +/-, especially just with a one game sample size. Sutter has been terrible this year, arguably the team's worst player.

In fact, here's a post I made about him on the prospect board just a couple days ago:

It's a funny thing with Sutter. He's really come into the year with the attitude that he's got to score now that he's an NHL prospect. Yeah, he played second like minutes last year and put up points...but he did it because he was physical and went hard to the blue ice. Maybe after being taken in the 2nd round he thinks he's an offensive player now.

With how the Blades roster is shaping up, that's not the case. He needs to wake up a bit and realize that he's still got to be a grinder. He hasn't done that this season and in fact, that area of his game was a weakness for him down the stretch last season and in the playoffs. That, after playing the first two seasons of his career as a gritty and in your face player.

I know Sutter, talk to him daily and think he's a great kid, but even going back to last year I had him ranked as a 3rd rounder and felt that the Jets reached for him at 39th overall.

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