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10-17-2012, 03:30 PM
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Great moments at Midnight Madness are not just the domain of power conference teams. As demonstrated by Craig Heatherly, the men’s basketball coach at NAIA Davenport University in Grand Rapids, MI.

Heatherly proposed to girlfriend Linaya Hass, Davenport’s dance coach, in an incredibly creative way at the Panthers’ Midnight Madness celebration last week.

Heatherly dressed up as the school’s mascot, Pounce the Panther, and participated in a dance contest with Hass — without Hass knowing that it was Heatherly in the costume. When Heatherly feigned an injury, Hass came over to help, at which point Heatherly revealed himself and popped the question.
Hass quickly said yes. Davenport’s players and dancers both stormed the court to celebrate what we’re calling the runaway winner for “Best Midnight Madness Moment of 2012.”

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