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10-17-2012, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Alesle View Post
I get the feeling the owners are playing off the NHLPA’s offer with "reduced" fixed salary growth if the league experienced a growth of 7 % or more a year, and basically turning it against them. They are more or less saying "if the game grows 5 % or more a year (which is 2 percentage points lower than your estimation, hence very conservative), you're going to get paid the full value of your contract”. The only possible way the NHLPA can argue they’re not getting the full value of their signed contracts is if they admit the premises for their original offer to the league, of a 7 % growth, was overly optimistic.

What this offer does is to use future growth of the league to "guarantee” the players contract. If the league growth matches the 5 % the league suggests, the net effect for the players is that they will see no salary growth for two years (and a somewhat lower net present value of their contract).

All in all I think it’s a very clever worded proposal from the league, and it will be very difficult for the NHLPA to not look like “the bad guys”.
I was neutral on this situation a couple of yrs ago, even though I knew this **** was coming. All I've researched over that time tells me the owners are the greedy ones and Bettman knows he can force the PAs hand in the end.

This isn't about the owners losing money, because I am more than sure only a few teams are hurting. It is about Bettman and the owners seeing what happened in the NFL and NBA. Now they want the same thing and Bettman knows he can only get it through a lockout.

The league basically dressed up a rollback and it is essentially a raw deal for the players. The owners aren't making any concessions, period.

However, the players have to realize they can come out ahead in the long run if they are smart. They can start by taking as small a slice of the **** pie the owners are forcing on them by getting some pushbacks.

It's important they realize they have to get the 82 game schedule in to max out revenue and protect their current deals. Within a couple of yrs their cut will essentially be the same as it is now and grow from there.

If they don't do this deal (with tweaks, obviously) they are going to end up losing way more than if they didn't accept it.

I kept saying common sense has to prevail and they still have a chance to show us that. Don't worry about getting back at the little troll.. Protect the game and do what's right.

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