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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
I think where we differ is that you seem believe that there's a science behind determining a prospects worth when evaluating them across different playing settings (aside from the NHL). Sometimes it doesn't make much sense.

I'm in the "I'd have to watch him play" camp anyways. But there's no doubting he's playing better so far than anyone could have hoped.

And some of those guys weren't that impressive in their first camps. And some of those guys were considerably older, or came from NA already, etc. And in terms of coming to a new continent to play at 18, an unheralded kid at're unlikely to see the best of this player in those circumstances. Or at least it's a legitimate possibility.

And I think there's a big gap between potential steal and Tobias Enstrom. Who's been suggesting the moon for this guy without saying it in jest?
We've seen this countless times though. Prospects light up lower leagues and then struggle when they move up. The SEL is far from being a breeding ground for NHL talent, and we're looking at a guy playing in SEL-2. I've gotten my hopes up too many times, but really it's a simple numbers game. It's not really worth considering a player until he does something in a legit league.

Originally Posted by Aggen View Post
I've followed Wikstrand closely for around 4 years. The developement of this player is kind of a mystery. He started as a great great talent. But then, he got abit stale. He got alot of praise from his coach. But a few could see anything in this player. Even last year, his game was kind of mediocrity. But then, bam. This season. He's been a totally different player. He plays extremely confident in the d zone, and he shows extremely competence in understanding the game also. I would compare him to Mattias Ekholm but abit more clever.

Hope this helps you out on deciding the fate for this prospect.
Definitely encouraging. And thanks for your input. I don't mean to discredit your opinion at all, but the NHL is the best league in the world so it takes a certain class of player to excel here.

Originally Posted by TheSilfverBullet View Post
I do think it has to do with that because the majority of our Swedish prospects have developed very well in Swedish leagues (SEL, SEL-2). Also, in regards to the HFBoards poll, there was no real guidelines set to voting. Some people claimed higher ceilings meant more than talent at that point, while some people simply chose the prospect that intrigued them the most. I was certainly one of those who voted for Wikstrand because we, at least the vast majority of us, haven't seen much from our recent late round picks. It's all about intrigue. How many of us have seen Boyle play?
Sweden's a wonderful hockey country, but I don't see how the bolded is meaningfully connected to the likelihood of Wikstrand making it. Like you said it's about intrigue.

Originally Posted by CanadianHockey View Post
I don't think draft standing is necessarily indicative of talent or ability, at least not when comparing 5th through 7th round picks in the same draft year.
No one here knows more than our scouts, and he was the last player the Sens picked in the draft. That counts for more than simple "intrigue".

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