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10-17-2012, 04:24 PM
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Fehr goes on about how hockey players will lose 1.6 billion over six years with this agreement. Well, I would love to hear him say how much they will lose by not agreeing to it. Fact is, these are contentious negotiations and both sides need each other for it to work. The sad reality though is that the players need the owners much, much more than the owners need the players. There's not one single owner who came into his riches because he owned an NHL team. The owners can move on without their franchise and still make ungodly amounts of money. The players, by and large, can't. They're good at hockey and some have the smarts and talents to make a good paycheck in another industry...but if the pay in that other industry was as good as the NHL they'd be there and doing that.

It's just frustrating to see both sides arguing over our (the fan's) money and how to divide it. The fact that both sides have taken us for granted pisses me off more than anything. There are no winners in this...only losers.

This is my game 7 of the SCF. If there is not an 82 game season I'm retiring. I will really miss the NHL but life will go on. I know a lot of folks suggest that it's horse-pucky when it comes to these types of threats from a fan...but the NHL is in its infancy in many locations (Denver included.) I suspect there's a lot of casual fans that were getting turned on who also hold this point of view.

It's just not worth it to deal with these kinds of labor strife every few years.

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