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10-17-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by clatchie View Post
Hank/rock, I'm a tiny bit out of the loop so I don't know who originally leaked it... enlighten me please? Either way, my point was that the bolded is right irrespective of who is saying it, the split could be 60/40, 50/50 or 40/40 with some insane gift of 20% to charity. With it being 50/50, people are jumping straight to "agree now!" while ignoring other issues that need working on.
I'm not sure there is any agreeing that needs to be worked on. I have a an unspoken contract with my employer. My employer pays me X amount of dollars and I show up and do work. The minute I think I deserve more I approach my boss and say boss has the right to give me a raise or so no. If I don't get what I want, I'm free to go elsewhere to obtain what I'm worth. This is where Unions are terrible because they want contracts that are guaranteed regardless of the workers output.

NHL players are being paid sums of money I literally can't even comprehend to play a game. Sure...they are gifted and talented...but they are being paid not by the owners but by the fans. Now the fans want hockey...not in December, not next year...but damnit right now! There is no way for the players to come out of this in a positive light. They are over-paid, spoiled, rotten little ******** that need to be taught a lesson.

The owners are a bunch of arrogant self-absorbed ******** that don't need hockey to make a living and don't understand it at a fan-level and also need to be taught a lesson.

There really is only one issue. Do we play the game or not. So far both sides have said, "No."

There are no winners...only losers.

As for ancillary you really think Wade Redden was hurting that bad by playing in the AHL for his NHL contract? Me neither.

No if you want a real about concussions and how to avoid them or make them better. Unfortunately making it better rests in the medical field...not in a CBA. How to avoid them? Well that is something that could and should be debated a lot more than is a 50/50 split of HRR good enough. That actually involves rules, a change in equipment and hopefully...someday a better helmet or treatment.

Wow...that probably came across more harsh than I intended (at least at you.) So I will now ask you or anyone else that is willing to answer...what specific issues do you think need to be addressed and why do you think they are important enough for the PA to not sign this deal today?

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