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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Team USA 2-man draft. Who wins a 7-game series?


LeClair - LaFontaine - Dillon
Tkachuk - Weight - Amonte
Drury - N Broten - Rolston
C Fraser - Otto - Christian

Leetch - G Suter
Ramsey - Housley
Rafalski - Griffis


Iafrate, R Suter, Smolinski, McEachern



K Stevens - Modano - J Mullen
Z Parise - Roenick - Guerin
Granato - Kesler - Du Brown
R Malone - Langenbrunner - Backes

Chelios - M Howe
D Hatcher - K Hatcher
Schneider - Larson


Spares: Cole, Gionta, M Cullen, Milbury
One of the closer ones you guys have done. First thing I noticed...How did neither team take Ken Morrow on D? Both really could've used him IMO.

Here's how I quickly looked at it...

Team #2 has a big edge on D. I agree that Team #1 has the better depth there, but it just doesn't matter. Chelios is a good amount better than Leetch and Howe is a ton better than Suter. D. Hatcher is better than Ramsey as well, but that's pretty close. From there the edge starts going to Team #1, and by a lot, but those depth guys are going to see a lot less ice time than the top pairing guys.

That being said, Team #1 has just as big of an edge in goal with Brimsek over Barrasso, so I called those a wash and went to the forwards.

Team #1 has the better top line, Team #2 has the better 2nd line. Team #1 also gets the edge on the 3rd line...I'm assuming Otto and Broten will be splitting time there.

Overall I give it to Team #1, but seeing some special teams might help...Team #1 seems pretty weak on PKing defensemen.

EDIT: Coaching edge also goes to Team #1, and he fits well with all those offensive defensemen.

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