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10-17-2012, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Jean_Jacket41 View Post
Clearly, they have not become more intelligent since 2004...

This offer they have now on the table is only because the owner are trying to salvage the 82 games season.

Last time, they lost 1 full year of salaries to eventually accept what they didn't wanted (Cap AND a roll back).

Now, if they try to play hard line, they will eventually lose part or another whole season to accept less than what is on the table now. And with another possible lost season in the cards, the futur HRR will probably go down lowering even more their share of the pie.

The players will never get more than what the owners are willing to give. Are they willing to lose 100% of their salaries this year to see if they can get more than the proposed 50/50 they are being offered now?

We will have some hockey to watch on November 2nd. The players can't be that stupid. Or are they?
Most of them aren't smarter than high school drop-outs due to time they've spent training and playing instead of actually studying. We all know that obtaining a HS diploma in Canada is such a piece of cake so I am rather pessimistic. The players don't want make a cent less than what they made last year but losing more games will make the 82 game season less probable by the day. The more games they lose the more likely they make less than what they did last year.

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