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10-17-2012, 06:48 PM
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Bottom line with this NHL offer:

If the players reject it on the basis of it being 50/50, seeing as HRR stays defined the same, then they are a joke. Period.

Its fine if they come back with changes to other things and they go from there. But if they try to get another couple of percent, then **** them. They can all rot in Europe. Bump all the other leagues up by one and lets get going.

Who cares if they previously agreed to 57%, 57% when they agreed to it was a hell of a lot less money than what they got paid the next 6 years. And I would bet that a 50% share is probably close to if not more than what they agreed to get paid originally.

IF the players come back with their offer and it doesnt follow the same structure as the NHLs, and they try to create their own structure again, then this season and possibly more is definitely lost.

At this point, players need to try to get a few little things like UFA age, ELCs, trade rights, etc and then sign the damn deal. They arent going to get better than a 50/50 split this time and they need to shut the hell up and understand that if they ever want to play hockey again in the NHL, get this done. Boo hoo, you get paid 6M instead of 7M a year. Or you get paid 400K instead of 500K a year.

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