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10-17-2012, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Good point. We somehow both overlooked Morrow. I could have had room for him as a spare for sure. Not sure he’d usurp Rafalski/Griffis from my starting lineup. Schneider/Larson? Absolutely.

The second pairings are basically the same things, right? And obviously team 1 is much better on the 3rd pairing. And Leetch is only marginally better than Howe, so considering them more or less equal is about fair. So it’s about the difference between Chelios and Suter, versus the differences on the entire 3rd pairings. And with Griffis being by far the best of those 4, that should offset the Chelios advantage. Shouldn’t it? In any case, I can’t see how the edge is conceivably “big”.

As for 2nd lines, Amonte/Guerin are more or less the same thing, Amonte a little more scoring, Guerin more toughness. Weight is not far behind Roenick, but Parise as of now is FAR behind Tkachuk. How is that not a better 2nd line?

You’re right that there’s not much for PKing defensemen on team 1. Ramsey-Griffis is fine. Then you’d have to go with Leetch-Suter, I imagine. Not ideal, but not horrible. On the other hand, is team 2 all that much better? Chelios-Hatcher make a great 1st unit, but then what? Howe-Hatcher? Howe specialized at even strength and is only passable on the PK in a Suter/Leetch sense, and Kevin Hatcher is a guy who’s only there because he’d do better than Schneider or Larson.
Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "big" when talking about Team #2's defensive edge, but I still think they have a clear edge. That Chelios over Suter advantage is going to be on the ice a lot more than the 3rd pairings are, and in much more important game situations.

2 ATD's ago Sturminator pointed out how good of an ES scorer Guerin was, so I probably gave him a bigger edge than you did over Amonte taking into consideration that neither would be getting 1st unit PP minutes. I also probably have Roenick further ahead of Weight than you for a variety of reasons, one of which is probably some personal bias. I also probably overlooked how big Tkachuk's edge over Parise is...the two lines are close in my eyes now. The 1st line edge for your team is certainly bigger than any edge I would give Team #2 here.

I think I need to learn more about Si impression was that he was an offensive minded Dman. I did not think he could be a 1st PK guy, which is why I thought Morrow would have fit well on your bottom pairing.

In the end, this doesn't appear to be as close as I originally thought, which was something I was realizing when I edited my post to add in the coaching edge. Would have been interesting if Team #2 did a better job drafting their Dmen. He was behind in depth forwards as well, but the difference wasn't as big as on D where he really could've had a BIG edge if he took the right guys.

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