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10-17-2012, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by turkinaa View Post
It's an actual thing called ex post facto laws. It's when a law is created and you try to get people who have "broken" the law prior to it being created (as well as other applications). In a sense making it "legal" to "punish" teams to be on the hook for entering into contracts greater than 5 years ("breaking" the 5 year limit) if the player retires regardless of the team they play for at the time of retirement would be a violation of rights/an ex post facto law since at the time there was no such rule in the CBA regardless of approval of the contracts.
Originally Posted by Flyerfan808 View Post
Thank you for clarification! I'm not savvy in all the terminology. I just know a raw deal when I see it.

Found this little tidbit on Wikipedia:

made me feel better.
An ex post facto law is a law. This is a collective bargaining agreement. While it may not be smart or "fair" to punish the teams for contracts made before the rule change, it is not an "ex post facto law" and it is completely legal.

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