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10-17-2012, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Bruiser View Post
IMO based of what I have seen so far Silfverberg isn't NHL ready. That isn't to say that he isn't tremendously skilled, he simply just needs more time to adjust to playing in North America. Anyone who has watched both of Bingo's games can attest to the fact that Silfverberg has struggled somewhat so far. It might actually be detrimental to his development to throw him into the NHL too early. Last game, he nearly got annihilated by a hit and left himself open to get hit pretty hard a few times. Fortunately most AHL players aren't as fast or as strong as NHL players, which saved Silverberg from getting run over. If he is thrown into the NHL at this point, it might jeopardize his confidence with the puck because he is likely to get run over pretty badly a few times. With that said, this may be a different story 10 games into the season.
If there is a silver lining to the lockout (and believe me, this is a stretch, as there are very few silver linings involved in any way with the lockout), it's that we are getting a chance to play Silfverberg/ Zibanejad/Stone in AHL games and get some REAL pro experience before having to make a decision on where they're going to play. It might be damaging to one of their egos to say "sorry kid, you didn't make the big club, head to the AHL and work on these parts of your game we want you to develop"... having this time available for guys like Silfverberg to play AHL games and get accustomed to North American ice BEFORE the NHL starts playing games is really beneficial t their development, and beneficial to the organization in that it allows them to get a real good look at them "for free" in a legit pro situation before assembling the team.

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