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10-17-2012, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post

Looking and feeling around for potential deals is not the same as trading him for whatever you can get no matter what. Obviously, and you know this. Are you just trying to be dense on purpose?

uhhhh, no. Legit 1st liners don't get only 45 points on Columbus. They get 55+ easily.
What a nonsensical argument. It doesn't really matter anyway, as Michalek, nor every other first liner in the league is not playing on Columbus' top line anytime soon. And since you pretend to know the future of what different players would score with Columbus, care to give me the lotto numbers?

Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
The pass was sick... bank off the boards. Mickey is nothing without Spezza and Karlsson.

Fearless? Okie doak if you say so... Great in all zones... you mean except the defensive, neutral and offensive zones right? He's is merely adequate in all of them, not close to great.

"Great powerforward"? Please the guy is soft.

I don't hate Michalek at all. He had a career year, scored 5 empty netters. He won't ever replicate this. He leeched off Spezza and Karlsson. He is what he is, a 2nd line winger. Play Bobby Ryan on that line with Spezza and he gets 70+ points. That's what real 1st liners look like , Michalek had inflated stats.
Nothing without Spezza and Karlsson eh? Yeah, that's why Greening was a 35 goal guy playing with them right? Oh, wait...

Fearless, yes. Show me any other player on the team that will crash the net like Milan will. He even reinjured his knee a couple of years ago FEARLESSLY crashing the net for a loose puck. The last guy we have had (possibly aside from Neil) to play with as little concern for his own well-being was A-Train.

If you think Milan Michalek is soft, it just re-affirms my belief that you watch very little Sens hockey. Heatley is soft. Milan is quite the opposite.

You don't hate Michalek? Right, that's why every word you utter about him is nothing but negative, and wanting to get rid of him. Oh, and he is no more leeching off Spezza than James Neal was leeching off Malkin.

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