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Originally Posted by MaindotC View Post
Nah, it's just that this forum suffers from groupthink. Everyone labeled Lehner the #1 before Anderson was even picked up and Lehner can do no wrong. That thinking has to stop and people need to be non-judgmental and evaluate him appropriately.

I like the remark about Bingo barely making it into the playoffs. Again, no one is bothering to consider the Lehner won the opening two series in game 7 in OT. I guess "barely" is only recognisable for everyone other than Lehner.

I'm not saying Lehner is not ready for a #1 position but I'm just waiting to see some consistency, that's all. I seriously hope he does well and I support him but I'm just not sold on him yet. Most (recent) AHL goalies that have won the MVP have gone on to great or at least decent careers so I'm hopeful.
You obviously follow Bingo more than I do, but wasn't Lehner brought in after Bingo was arleady trailing 3-1 in the first serie ?

Also, the next three series all finished in less than 7 games.. not really sure what you're talking about.

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