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Originally Posted by deadphish23 View Post
My son started Mite 6U this year (ADM cross ice). He did a few Learn to Play sessions last season and has really come a long way (albeit slowly). In comparison to the other 28 kids or so in the program, he is probably the least developed. It's bugging me a little, but he is a real small kid (6 years old) and all skin and bones, so maybe he just needs to keep at it until he develops physically some more? He has a real blast doing all the drills and such at practices, and loves the sport. First couple games start this month, so hopefully he doesn't get left in the dust during real competition.

I work with him on inlines at a little outdoor rink by our house. Mainly trying to get him to bend his knees more and not his back. The kid can skate where ever he wants to go, but just doesn't have that posture and smooth stride like most of the other kids. He never quits or gets discouraged though. He's got some heart, that's for sure.
Enjoy these at him whenever he leaves the ice. I look back at my son's Mite C/cross ice years and wish I could have them back. Great, great times where your boy is just learning what to do out there. Always keep in mind it is a hard game, a fast game and the more you keep it fun, the more they want to come back. That is the accomplishment.

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