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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post

Another good example is the "booster" I see for pre-expansion players. That just pops up now and again and sometimes I see it not used like you're doing the other person favor..."and that's without the pre-expansion're welcome..." and I don't know what you're talking about or if you're being generous...I have a rough idea of what it means, but I've never seen it actually explained. In fairness, I never looked that hard.
Points rankings definitely favor older players who played in a weaker talent pool and a smaller league with fewer players. But percentage rankings favor modern players who play in a larger league with more offensive opportunities. Generally speaking, I don't think there is a good stat to compare offensive production of post-expansion and pre-expansion players. So I more or less agree with Dreakmur - post both the rankings and percentages and use a combination of the two. There will be a level of uncertainty if two players are close, but that's history.

Seventieslord prefers to find a single formula for things so he uses percentages with a kind of "fudge factor" that he adds to pre-expansion players. There is no mathematical basis for his "10-15% boost," it just comes up with results that look better. It's not my preferred method and I see why newer GMs see "just add 10-15% to pre-expansion players because my experience says that gets results that make more sense" to be no better than "just add 10-15% to pre-expansion players because I said so."

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