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10-17-2012, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by ichabod13 View Post
or a quick game of pong maybe?
My uncle (former uncle? not sure how divorce affects naming rights) had one of the Pong home systems. Yes, the system... was pong in and of itself. I remember playing it. It's one of my earlier memories. I also remember playing Asteroids as an arcade came. (My parents were buying a house. The developer had it in his office with a button you could press to "add coins".) Seriously, I think I was hooked on video games by 3 years old and it only got worse from there. When you grow up with that, you kind of don't lose it even after you get laid or go outside.

/nerd off

I'd like to point out that instead of watching hockey, I'll be hoping to watch hockey. Considering that there's been some movement, I have that feeling that watching hockey will be taking up plenty of my free time.


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