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10-18-2012, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
League revenues have increased but the owners are asking the players to take a smaller percentage of that revenue (50% versus 57%). With a lower cap floor and/or ceiling, the players will be getting less of the proverbial pie. I still don't know exactly what they want and I don't believe anyone does because they don't really say. All they appear to do is complain about the offers the owners make. Fehr called the last offer "less Draconian". I mean really? The players are one step away from the Gulag apparently. This guy is a total blowhard. I'm over the players versus owners debate. Both are idiots as far as I'm concerned but Donald Fehr takes the cake.

Are you really arguing that Donald Fehr is the one to blame in all of this? Gary Bettman has presided over 3 lockouts over the past 20 years. He canceled an entire season! Think about how crazy that sounds. A commissioner of a professional sports league which generates multiple BILLIONS of dollars per year in revenue actually cancelled an entire year. His reasoning for why the league needed substantial changes in how the league operates was because too many teams were losing money. All of the teams that were in financial trouble were teams that HE placed in sunbelt markets. Gary Bettman has been one of the worst commissioners in the history of professional sports. He almost single handedly is responsible for reducing the popularity of the sport among the "casual fan" in America. He took the sport from ESPN to Versus for crying out loud! Instead of placing franchises in markets that would provide SIGNIFICANT revenue for the league, he placed them in sunbelt communities which generate very little, and instead need to be given a life line by other markets in order to stay viable.

NOW, the league wants the players to take a 7% pay cut, hundreds of millions of dollars, and yet somehow the players should be happy about all of this? This is something that they should roll over and just take, even though the league last year generated record revenue? I choose to side with men, and in a lot of cases young kids, who defied the odds and fought their way into becoming NHL players; rather than a group of BILLIONAIRE owners whose main objective is to generate as much profit they possibly can out of their side business "hobbies."

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