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10-18-2012, 12:13 AM
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Listening to the media call.... I don't think there's a bigger disingenuous dirtbag in the sport than Jon Jones. The reasons he gives in regards to 151 flip flops all the time.

Chael's pimping of TUF 17 is just pure gold.... Dana had to be beaming over on his end of the phone. That was an absolutely brilliant promo Chael gave for TUF.

Dana White: Jones is injured until April. Every one of the guys who are *****ing about not fighting Jon Jones...every one of these guys were offered to fight Jones and they all turned it down. Chael is the only one that stepped up.

Chael Sonnen on being worthy of Jones fight: I'm happy to take a tune up fight with anyone who called me out, including "The Karate Kid". Welcome to life. We don't deserve things, we get what we get. Not one of them called out Jon. The only fighter that did was me. I will fight anyone at anytime. I have to deal with this all the time...guys getting jealous or envious of an opportunity. But none of them want to walk up and point to the crowd and tell them where they're going to hit the ball. I will, I'll call my shot. And as far as talking my way into the fight? What do I care about that. So what. I wanted it, and I got it. I talked a cat out of a tree earlier today. I got plenty of jobs I wasn't qualified for. Good for me and chalk one more up for the Bad Guy.

Chael on Jon Jones: Jones is the best fighter I've ever faced. He's fantastic. He's got techniques I don't even know what they're called. Jon Jones needs me. I'm the man. I'm the man because I said I am. If anyone else wants this spot, come get and come take if from me. They're all blowing up their little twitter accounts...come do the heavy lifting.

Chael: Chael Sonnen will take half of these men and teach them how to be fighters. Jon Jones will take the other half and teach them how to be selfish. And then throw a hell of an after party.

Chael: I've been on both sides of an ass-whoopin. Jon Jones has not. He's been very dominant. But he's also fought a lot of guys who are timid and afraid to get into a fight. I'm going to walk out there and get into a fist fight. I'm in a lot better shape than anyone he's fought or Jon himself. As much as I don't want to admit, Jones is better. But I'm in better shape than anyone he's ever fought.

Jones: You talking about being in shape on TRT, or off it?

Sonnen: On it. You tell the media and let everyone know...well, let's move on.

Jones: I'm over if Chael deserves the shot or not. I'm more about what the fans want. I want to put the Chael Sonnen chapter behind me and do this for the fans.

White: This kid is going to sit around healing up and doing the coach thing and then fight Chael Sonnen in April. After that, Jones can fight the top contenders. Let me be clear: all the guys complaining about Sonnen getting the shot are all the guys who turned down fighting Jon Jones.

Sonnen: it doesn't matter if Jon Jones is not the champion or is. I want to fight Jon Jones. He continues to act like he's done something impressive. Who did he ever beat. When Couture left the division, that division became a joke. Jon may be the guy. But he isn't yet.

Jones ( giggling ): Come on Chael. Chael, really (more school girl giggling ).

White: it's easier to sit from the outside and say " oh you should have done this and you should have done that ". Trust me, being on the inside and getting things done is a lot harder than it looks.

Sonnen: I don't care about these weights. When I first started, we didn't have weight divisions. The only thing that de-legitimizes the belt is the brat currently holding it.

Jones: Some things I respect about Sonnen. He's good for the sport in some ways. But he's not a champion caliber athlete at all. I'm doing a lot of people in this sport a favor. I'm doing Chael a favor.

Jones: I know who I am. I know who Chael is - someone with no class.

Sonnen: Of course there are things off limits. I'm not picking a fight. I have my fight. As much as I want to beat him up, Jon is a wrestler, and it is a fraternity. I'll always have a spot for him in my heart. So there you go.

White: Jon likes the idea of fighting Chael and putting this chapter behind him. It sort of all works out this way ( getting injured, healing, coaching and fighting Chael when he comes back ).

Jones: I don't really consider Sonnen a legit wrestler. So what if he takes me down. He gets submitted all the time anyway. I don't think his wrestling will be a factor. His ground and pound is very weak. When it comes to wrestling, I don't have anything to worry about it. I don't see anyway Chael can win this fight. Losing to Chael is not an option. I'm ready to smackdown on him over a lot of the things he said.

Sonnen: god, that was so painful to listen to. of course I will take Jon down, repeatedly.

Jones: I hate TRT ( ranted about it ).

Sonnen: I don't have any comment about it ( about Sonnen's comments several years ago about having to take TRT or he'll die )

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