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Originally Posted by GoLeafsGo96 View Post
That's an assumption. We have no idea if teams were hesitant because of this or not. The contract can still have negative value. Many people said, "If his play regresses, just send him to the minors". The issue with this now is that what was purposed is NHL Contracts playing in the AHL then would count towards the cap. This is an assumption as well, but that's why we don't know. It depends what is holding the team looking to acquire Luongo back.

For the Leafs, the issue probably was never the contract. The issue was we do not become a contender with Lu, and likely wouldn't be ready to contend for quite some time. At the point when the team is ready to contend, Luongo is likely much older. The "hesitance" is the fact that nobody knows how long Luongo can preform at an elite level. This is why you won't see a premier prospect or player moved from the Leafs in order to acquire him. The "hesitance" is likely still there.
You have one premier player, Kessel, and one premier prospect, Reilly. Pretty sure anyone with some sense in their head knows those guys are off the table for Lu.

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