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10-18-2012, 03:24 AM
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The peak worship is getting atrocious here. Yeah, Gilmour has the two clearly best seasons here. But looking at careers, his peak is an aberration, much more so than Francis' years with Jagr.

Gilmour has two seasons above 90 adjusted points (his 92-94 spike), Francis has four (the Jagr seasons). If we take those years out for both of them, Francis comes out far ahead. It doesn't make sense to me to utterly venerate a two-year perfect storm of Gilmour's on one hand, and to completely discount Francis' Pittsburgh years on the other one - and that's basically what's being done here.

Gilmour also gets some mileage out of his playoffs, but...

In 1993, Gilmour leads the playoffs in assists, is 5th in goals and finishes second in points. That's truly great playoffs, and it gets recognized as such and Gilmour is basically worshiped for it. Yet when Francis led the playoffs in assists, finished 3rd in points (by a point to leading Lemieux's linemate Stevens) and 5th in goals, it gets swept under the rug. And he did that as second line center.

You say Gilmour had a great playoff in 94 too, and that he didn't even make the finals in 93 & 94? Well, Francis finished 3rd in 95, despite the fact that Penguins lost in second round already...

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